Asphalt Sealer

Asphalt Sealing  plays a crucial role in maintaining the lifespan of your pavement. Our Canadian weather is vigirous, our product will help protect your ashpalt by slowing down the oxidation and the only sealer on the industry that fills  in hair line cracks that are not visible to eyes but allow water to seep in and start eroting the base causing futur damages. Our product is enviromental friendly, contains no gas or oil and is the longest lasting sealer in the industry. Quickest dry time and can be walk on in approx 4 hours  and vehicule ready 24 to 48 hours depending on weather conditions. Beautifull matt finish  that will give you the new asphalt look and the extra wow factor your yard deserves.


Crack Filling

Crack filling is a very cost effective way to avoid  future asphalt issues  that will cost more down the road.

Cracks and alligator cracks are mainly caused by a few factors.

1- Insuffocient asphalt thickness

2- Poor base preparation,

3-Ground shifting

4-Water penetration.

 Our technique surpasses our competition  as we air pressure clean the cracks and remove aprox 2 inches of debris making it possible to properly insert hot rubberized commercial grade rubber that will dry in 20 minutes but remain flexible, expand and contract with the temperature change . 


Asphalt Repair

Sometimes hot asphalt repair is the only way to go. We got you covered by offering many different types of repairs, from pot holes, detoriating  areas know as alligator cracks,  sunken areas causing major water accumulation  to garage ramps. 


Parking Lot Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the best way to put winter behind us and and start maintaining your asphalt. The most  important is getting all dust and accumulated dirt removed from your parking lot. This simple task will avoid moisture to be kept on  the pavement. We also clean around the curbs to help avoid grass and bad weeds from growing. For a business owner a clean and well maintained parking lot is truly the best way to make a positive first impression.


Line Painting

Line painting serves a few purposes, Providing proper  guidance to customers and help you maximize parking spots. This process is relatively inexpensive and truly gives your lot a refreshed look.